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Prevention of Blockages

Chem Assist are great at developing and supplying specialist drainage chemicals. My friend uses their products for the treatment and prevention of blockages. Their products are great for unblocking urinals and urinal pipework whilst keeping the control of grease and fat to a minimum.

Regular Updates

From the very first meeting with K9 Adventures my friend could tell that this dog walking company really loved what they do and genuinely care for dogs. My friend receives regular updates when her bulldog is out on his walks. The walker communicates well with the dog owners which my friend really appreciates.

Accurate Real-Time Reading

My mate uses a monitor which offers real-time readings of electricity usage. He liked the PC connectivity feature and how reasonable the price was. He also liked the simple set of helpful instructions that came in handy. He now enjoys having an idea of his flats energy consumption.

Homely Touches on a Pleasant Stay

Ideally situated just a 3-minute walk away from the seafront and 10 minutes from the town centre, the Arden Hotel boasted of a fabulous location. My friend was made to feel incredibly welcome during her stay and appreciated all the homely touches and amenities you`d expect. The breakfast was tasty and fresh and the hosts were very warm and attentive people who really cared and looked out for the needs of their guests.


Taxave Accountants have helped my cousin with his accounts for some time now. They are rich in knowledge and very competent in their field. He has facilitated their specialist QuickBooks expertise. They are always thorough in their work and constantly seeking out how they can assist him further. He has no hesitation in recommending this company!

High Standard of Professional Care

My friend recommended ASAP Roofing. She had her kitchen reorganised and needed to have some building work done to restructure the kitchen units. She said that ASAP Roofing did a marvellous job in meeting her requirements. The builders came in and were able to help with a specific schedule and all work went according to plan.

Selling on a car

My boss said he would give Eastbourne Car Valeting a very high recommendation. The services which they provided were faultless and worth the money. The work was completed to a high standard and my boss was left very satisfied and in no doubt that he would use their services in the future. He recently came to the decision that he wanted to sell his car on and so got in contact with the company again for a full valet service. The car looked immaculate when he got it back and sold quickly.

Very efficient booking system software

My friend used to have a WordPress website and with that, he had a booking system plugin. He found it to be very limiting and restrictive. He has since found Best Bookings which is a fantastic booking system which has many useful features. He particularly liked the fact that he could keep all of his contact details stored in one place and that it came with an online calendar and also a very efficient task management system. Much better!

Positive outcome

My wife is totally made up with the outcome of her oven clean. Oven Cleaning Company did a stupendous job and brought the oven back to its former glory. It is now proudly gleaming once more and it a joy to use again. My wife no longer has to worry about what the neighbours or friends think of the state of the oven. The company has been booked in for future cleans and my wife has recommended the services of this company to the employer at work for the commercial oven at her workplace. Very positive experience.

Aga cleaning

Mrs Ovens knows how to get the results you want for your oven. No marks or stains are too stubborn for her to clean away. My brother in law got her round to clean his aga which she did so incredibly well and couldn't have done a better job. She used environmentally friendly products and left no mess behind. He was worried about the paint stripping and losing the colour on the aga's exterior with the products she used - he didn't think it would be possible to get the results using strong products without if fading the paintwork, but she did. She was punctual, smiley and very thorough. A truly exceptional service, one which he said he'll be using again in the future when his oven needs it's next clean.

Adequate knowledge

My friend thought that ETC Fire presented the training day very well and the presentation of the training was clearly well thought out and made to cater to everyone taking the training. She stated that this was excellent because it made the day go very quickly and the whole session was engaging and memorable. She said that she feels as though she now has the adequate knowledge of how to successfully use a fire extinguisher and put out a small fire. rn

Loft Conversion

My friend was working to have a new loft conversion and needed someone to do the plumbing. He was looking around for personal recommendations and needed someone locally to do the job. My friend was wanting the bathroom and plumbing to be fitted and to work with layout and design. Sam Mercer Plumbing were called out and provided a very good estimate and high standard of care with requirement specifications fulfilled!

Doing an Apprentice

My friend wanted to do an apprenticeship in Health and Beauty and wanted to find somewhere that were good with fieldwork experience as well as training and guidance. Partners for Training were recommended to her and she was not disappointed! She was helped and given guidance and recommendations how to improve her practice and skill.

Stress- free experience

My husband has recently been expressing his gratitude to Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers and his satisfaction with their help and assistance with their auto insurance policy. Thanks to their extensive research in helping him find the right insurance coverage, it has saved him a lot of money and worry. He feels content knowing that his assets are covered and secured and urged him to get in contact and not to hesitate if he has any further questions and to call them straight away. They were brilliant and highly professional and he is truly thankful and grateful that they made his insurance process a stress-free experience.